Beloved Community Resources

Instead of providing an endless list of community resources you can access on your own, I decided to do something decisively different.


We must be awake to our community, show up and support one another, and feel the larger connection and good that is right in the backyard of Bloomington-Normal. I benefit only in that I am widening your knowledge of a service that might bring you more joy, that hopefully promotes self-care, and if nothing else acknowledges people who I believe are “getting it” when it comes to living well.  Some resources are ones I bet you already love.

I want to avail and share the resources that I personally value in our community and have experienced first-hand. It’s not exclusive and will be expanded on as time goes forward.

"There are a few measures that are important when considering how to assess the quality and competency of a fellow therapist: 'Would I refer one of my patients to this therapist in case something happened to me? Would I send someone I know and love to her and place them in her care? Would I consult with her on difficult cases and be confident that the information shared would be considered, accurate, and confidential?' Tracy is a therapist that I would have no qualms about answering any of these questions with a resounding affirmation. In my experience, she listens to her patients with three ears: The first ear is that of a therapist, listening for clues to underlying problems and for openings to offer an intervention to improve her patients’ lives. The second ear is that of caregiver, listening for hidden emotional pain and for the right moment to offer support. The third ear is that of human being, using her own experiences and knowledge to try to understand the personal experience of the person sitting across from her, and to then share those experiences with them. In summary, I’m proud to have Tracy as a professional colleague, source of consultation on women’s issues, peer supervisor, and friend. I would be glad to refer one of my patients to her, and have done so many times."

— Dr. Seth Hatlelid , Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Specialist