Meet Tracy

Tracy is an experienced professional who is passionate about helping others.


Tracy L. Bovee is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in downtown Bloomington, Illinois. She has spent the last twenty-three years devoted to social services and helping others. Tracy deeply adheres to the belief that we all want to bring our best selves into our daily lives, our families, our intimate, most sacred relationships, and our work.

In addition to being licensed in the state of Illinois, Tracy has two Masters Degrees in Higher Education and Guidance and Counseling from Eastern Illinois University. There she received honors in both programs, was nominated for prestigious positions to represent her college, and completed research in Women’s Studies. The Department Chair, Dr. Robert Saltmarsh stated, “In my twenty-seven years as a counselor educator at Eastern Illinois University, Tracy is not only in the top 1% of all those graduates, she is the standard maker and the leader of the 1% group.”

Tracy’s experience began as a Social Service Representative at a woman’s & children health center where she provided education, counseling and support for pregnant women and adolescents, substance abuse clientele, and pre and post-test HIV counseling. Later, Tracy took a position working in a respected agency providing hospitalization and outpatient services for adults, adolescents, and children with various mental health challenges. Tracy continued to expand her career by additionally joining a treatment team to assist women being treated for eating disorders. She provided and designed body image groups, family therapy groups, and group therapy for clients and their families.

Tracy’s passion and skill led her to become the owner of her first private practice at the age of thirty. Tracy has provided individual and family counseling, hosted postpartum support groups, teen girl empowerment groups, and body image workshops to all ages. Tracy has delivered many presentations and spoken as a guest lecturer on various mental health issues that are endemic to both society at large and our private lives as individuals.

She carries her experience and passion into the community by teaching adjunct Psychology classes at the Junior College and Division III college level, and designing course material and coursework that inspires future educators and counselors. Tracy loves to provide meaningful supervision and mentoring to future therapists who share her joy in helping others through private practice.

Tracy resides in Normal, Illinois with her three sons.


We have known Tracy Bovee for twenty years, in the varying capacities of co-worker, employee, colleague, mentor, teacher, collaborator, and dear friend. Tracy has always displayed that rare combination of intelligence and emotional authenticity that many have defined as wisdom. Wherever she has practiced as a therapist and business owner, she has been successful, and a tremendous asset to her clients, peers, and communities. She has been generous with her experience and rigorously ethical in her professionalism. We have never thought twice about working with Tracy or referring others to her. We look forward to maintaining our relationship with Tracy, both personal and professional, for many fruitful years to come.

—Sandra Ahten, CEO, and Kevin Elliott, LCPC, President
Elliott Counseling Group, Champaign, IL