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"Living with anorexia, in a world where I felt isolated and misunderstood by those around me, Tracy was the one person whom I trusted enough to confide in.

Tracy's willingness to meet me where I was in my recovery, helped me to build a trusting relationship with her. Through my work with Tracy, I began to open up and talk about years of sexual abuse, self-harming behaviors, suicidal ideation and the strong hatred I had towards myself. She was a safe person for me to be honest with. Tracy’s ability to be flexible in her therapeutic approach established an environment which allowed for me to express myself in a variety of ways. Sometimes in her office I drew on a sketchpad or wrote down things that were too hard to say. Sometimes I cried tears that I had been holding back and sometimes we laughed. I grew as a person and slowly, food wasn’t an issue anymore and the self-harming behaviors were replaced with coping tools that Tracy provided me with. She taught me to love myself and helped me to see the world through a different lens.

I conquered my anorexia, but I could not have done it without Tracy’s help."