He talks to me after dark from my bedroom window

Smells of boy
rescues me
his affirmation surprises me

When he laughs at my jokes
I’m intrigued
can’t think straight
his teeth are perfect gum Chiclets
his smile
makes me want to jump
in his mouth

We laugh at the chalky Clearasil
pasted on my chin
I’m only now attempting to hide

He rest casually on his bike seat
hands in his black school jacket
A good teacher, he tames
my curiosity but doesn’t harm

my vulnerability.  

Leaves change in color around us
there are no topics we can’t speak
I master how to French kiss without losing
my spearmint Trident

We talk for hours after dark
through the screen
of my window
unless my mom is out
and then we meet at the back door
his jacket smelling of my Cody Musk
stars in the night sky
endless possibility ahead of us

Days at the pool
I ride home on his handlebars
sunburnt and chlorine-parched
I wash his hair with Apple Pectin shampoo
under the garden hose

Meghan Lambert

Meghan Lambert is an identity and web designer living and working in Southern Maine.